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Innovation Now


With years of experience in teaching and mentoring young designers and engineers, we offer creative workshops and lectures to organizations based on the idea that innovation can be taught. (Workshop on Decision Making and Creative Thinking at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, May,2022.

Our vision is to educate teams in organizations and teach them to be creative and innovative. Through the ITE program we can help employees, mangers and executives to be creative and by doing so, they can create more value and offer better solutions/ideas. 


Innovation is not only about devising new products; it can and should be applied into every process in organizations  and that’s why it’s such a big issue, Innovation can help break old patterns and encourage creative thinking or at least different thinking.

Innovation process at the Colman College of Management
  • ITE - Innovation Through Education

  • Workshops 

  • Lectures

  • Consulting

  • Clients


From the Innovation forum at the

15th HR conference Cyprus 2016.

Berlin 2018 with my students

Lecture on Creativity in the States, 2018

A workshop on Creativity at the Las Vegas Business Conference

October 2017.





A lecture at Aalto University - Helsinki, 2021

From the Innovation Conference in Tel Aviv November 2017


lecture on Innovation and the Israeli School system, on national TV channel 12, 2022

Television Interview with Dan Margalit on my new book "Its all about Creativity",  June 2018


Lecture to "Elbit" in Hafia, January 2019

Key lecture in the US, October 2018

Undergraduate ceremony, June 2018. College of Management


Design visit to Copenhagen, April 2019

Workshop on Creative Thinking  in Vienna, 2017

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