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We offer a wide range of lectures and workshops on Creativity and Innovation. The ITE Program is a comprehensive intervention program targeted to develop Innovation agents in organizations and teach  teams how to be creative.


Innovation or DIE

Creative Thinking

Change and Innovation

Blue Ocean Strategy

The Miracle of Israel

The Politics of the Bond Movies


4 hour workshop on Innovation

8 hour workshop on Ideation Techniques

8 hour workshop on Innovation including Ideation.

1-2 day Marathons or Hackathons.


Individual  consulting on Innovation, creativity and team work.

ITE Program

The ITE program is based on the paper published in the “International Journal of Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, Volume 2 No. 2, 2014.

The program includes 8 sessions and can commence up to 6 months, a team of 20 mangers/employees are selected and are taught through an education process all to know about innovation, creative thinking, brainstorming and more. This is an unique process that changes the way the participants understand innovation and use it.

China 2016

Google Campus TLV 2017

Harvard Business School, Boston 2016

Istanbul 2016

Workshop at EY in Tel Aviv 2016

Prof Yuli Tamir - Former Minster of Education, today President of Shenkar College

Prof Alan Dershowitz

Prof Subra Suresh - President of Carnegie Mellon University

Mr. Sheldon Adelson

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-15 at 21.23.48.jpeg

General David Saar - Chief commando of the Israeli Navy

Mr. Saul Singer - Author of " Start up Nation"

WhatsApp Image 2023-03-07 at 11.03.02.jpeg

Brigadier General Tzachi Hefetz - Chief Human Recourses - IDF and Major Einav Shoushan

Mr. Tamir Pardo - Former Israeli Mossad Director

General Yehuda Fox and Brigadier General  Dan Goldfuss

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